Eddie Ross Flower Arranging Workshop

Shot of Eddie with the his intimate table for four

 A few Fridays ago, I attended an informative and fun flower arranging workshop that Eddie Ross held at our local Kansas City Candle Factory, Creative Candles. Because I have so many great pictures to share with all of you, I decided to devote this blog post just to Eddie’s flower arranging class. My next post will be about the amazing tour we received while at the factory.  

 No-Fail Sangria

Upon arriving at Creative Candles, we were handed Eddie’s no-fail Sangria which was a good way to start off the workshop!

Table Setting

lose up of table setting

We first dicussed Eddie’s  intimate table arrangement for four and his thought process behind his work. I really enjoyed his approach to table arranging with the note that not everything has to perfectly match. He mixed his materials from brass candlesticks to antique silverware and used mismatched flatware but overall it came together with a theme….green.

Final Product 

After our discussion about table arranging, we moved on to floral which was what intriged me to attend the workshop. I love learning new tips and ideas especially when it comes to floral and design aspects. For Eddie it seems so natural and I wanted to get his perspective on floral arranging for he holds workshops all over the states. Like I discussed before the overall theme for the workshop was green. It’s a color that is easy to blend with many types of color palettes and one’s home.

Set Up Stations

We each had our own station, which mine you they had neatly set up for each of us which was a nice bonus and a time saver. For the flowers, we used hydrangeas, hypericum berries, and a variegated myrtle. To add texture we had limes to add to the arrangement.


 Here is a picture of all of us at our stations working hard!

 Filling in the Vases

We used two vases for this specific arrangement and filled between the two solar salt…a very cheap filler I might add. Like Eddie stated on his blog, this arrangement can be very versatile in that you can substitute many fillers instead of the solar salt such as buttons, sand, rocks, shells, seeds, etc. Really anything small that you can think of.

Eddie Arranging Away

For the finishing touch we added raffia which you could either weave through the arrangement or tie in a bow.

Lon Lane Catering 

After all of our hard work we ate some fabulous catering from Lon Lane and enjoyed tours of the Candle Factory which I will be blogging about soon!

Amy and Eddie 

A big thanks to both Eddie and Jaithan for their wonderful workshop and friendly personalities! Can’t wait to see what they both have up there sleeve for the upcoming event they are putting on this holiday season.