Hitched is hiring!

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Do you love events, are a quick learner, play nice with others, obsess over details to the point of OCD, have a flexible schedule and don’t mind hard work and late nights?! Sign on up by emailing your resume to info@hitchedinkc.com! We’re looking for a part-time florist and part-time event coordinator. Check out the details below!

Part-time Florist: A creative spirit that can still button up for events to help with floral design assistance, decor assistance and DIY projects.  Someone to help set-up and tear down events who doesn’t mind the nitty-gritty of processing flowers, cleaning buckets and counting votives. Must be available for the dates below:

-August 14th-16th

-August 21st-23rd

-August 27th-31st

-September 3rd-5th

-September 11th-13th

-September 24th-27th

-October 2nd-4th

-October 14th-18th

Part-time Event Coordinator: A people person that can help run events with a velvet glove. A team player who can attend client/vendor meetings, run rehearsals and help where needed in the studio and during events. Someone who can problem solve on the fly and doesn’t mind setting up and tearing down events. Must be available for the dates below:

-August 16th

-August 23rd

-August 30th

-August 31st 

-September 13th

-September 27th

-October 4th

-October 18th


Photo by Lark Photography