Animal Parade Baby Shower

Last month we helped host an animal parade baby shower for my little nephew Colson. My sister-in-law was gracious enough to have the shower at her house and also made a delicious spread of  food and drinks.  While trying to think of a cute baby shower ideas, I ran across a line called Meri Meri and fell in love. They have adorable items that are fairly reasonable and great for those who don’t have time to fully DIY. Since the baby shower was in October,  the busiest wedding month for weddings in Kansas City, I knew this was the way to go! For the main centerpiece I stacked 3 different sizes of cake plates together, filled with floral foam and flowers and topped it off with the carousel I purchased from Meri Meri.

For the smaller pieces I purchased Meri Meri’s animal banner and cut off each animal separately, added picks to the bottom and tucked them within the flowers. For dessert I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, added colorful sprinkles and used Meri Meri’s cupcake set to accessorize.

Overall between purchasing a few items I was able to accessorize all of the decor and centerpieces!

As a take away for the shower we had iced sugar cookies made with different patterns and animals on each one. 

Here are some quick shots I took of the shower in action….. 

Congrats both Katy and Jarrod! We are soo excited to have Colson as the newest addition to the family!