DIY Barn Wood Wedding Signs

wedding signs

When looking for inspiration for Cheryl and Jarrod’s Wedding, Wooden Wedding Signs was an idea that kept coming across my mind . They were not only adorable and rustic but also helped direct guests at an outdoor, and mind you, a very open reception space like theirs.


My main inspiration came from an adorable wedding that was on Snippet & Ink  and was the one that completely caught my eye with its quirkiness and creative arrows.

Wood Pieces

I wanted to keep in tune with the rest of Cheryl and Jarrod’s wedding and went on a hunt for old barn wood to keep an overall rustic feel. I came across an old barn door that I ended up cutting into smaller pieces as well as different sizes.

Wedding Sign

For the directional signs that I posted on the sides of the road, I cut one side of the sign with 2 angled cuts to form the appearance of  an arrow. For the table signs I left them rectangular.

Wedding Sign

As you can see, with my inspiration picture in hand, I first painted the edges of the arrow to help accentuate the correct direction. As for paint color, I choose to just use a basic white for I felt it popped the most and was most visually pleasing. 

Wedding Signs

I also used many different fonts to help create that laid back and rustic feel that was portrayed throughout Cheryl and Jarrod’s Wedding.

 Finished Wedding Sign