Engagement Photography: Liz & Spence

Our March 27th bride and groom, Liz and Spence, recently flew into Kansas City from Jersey to take their engagement photos with the wonderful and very talented Claire Ryser. Claire is an amazing photographer here in Kansas City and did a beautiful job capturing both in photos and in writing how wonderful this couple is. For I don’t think I could put it into writing how sweet both Liz and Spence are any better, here are Claire’s exact words: 

Liz & Spence: Engagement Photography in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

The heading should probably say something more along the lines of, “Liz and Spence: Two fabulous people living in New Jersey who share a splendid -and coveted- combination of good looks and intellectual-acuteness while also possessing a passionate and effortless love for one another!”. Yes. But no, according to my web-guy, that would never do for good SEO!

When I first met Elizabeth (who I will now refer to as “Liz”) we just CLICKED. I think we ended up talking for over an hour about everything from foods to fitness to weddings to food to pet peeves to global issues and back again to weddings! I give her an A+ on conversation skills and for having stunner eyes that pierce right though. You know what I’m talking about.

Then the subject turned to Spence.
Liz just kind of dazed off into la-la land and a wistful smile took over her face as she talked about all the things that made Spence so perfect.
Yes. For Liz, this love was real. She had found the man of her dreams… and I felt like I knew him already. It was awesome.

Spence and Liz live in New Jersey but remain loyal Jay Hawks and Kansas City Chiefs fans for life! (MU readers, don’t hate now!) which I think officially makes my Hawks to Tigers client ratio lean more to the Kansas side. But that’s another story and more statistical research than I’m officially willing to do, and to be honest, K State may have stakes in a large percent of “client-ship” too. But what has this turned into?! A sports blog? What have you people done to me?! Can we move on now? LOL

It was so wonderful to finally meet Liz’s Spence -An Air Force Academy graduate serving in the United States military. God bless our troops who sacrifice so much to protect our ideals, values and freedom! He is everything to Liz. Also, effortlessly funny and so in-tune with the Love of His Life. You see, there are “good people”… and then there are people like Spence and Liz. People that think outside of their own little bubble and have a genuine compassion, love and regard for other people and for each other. They were so care-free, content and comfortable in each others arms as we walked around town for their photos. It was definitely a snugly day!

It is times like this, when words can’t really say enough, that I’m so glad I can just SHOW you what I mean. Meet Liz and Spence:

Liz and Spence braved the chilly, excuse me- FREEZING, weather. They could brave anything together though… I love this one.
Her eyes, his smile, her laugh. Perfect.
Work it OUT. Love’n the windblow model-y look!
We walked around downtown Lee’s Summit and I kept finding places I hadn’t ever seen before. Who knew and old deserted mill could make for such cool photos 😉
I found this old barn as I was driving around the city last week. (Yes, it’s Missouri people. You could be in a city one minuted and a country road with a fairy tale barn the next. Totally true.) I thought it would be a perfect setting for some relaxed and fun engagement photos! Liz and Spence are total naturals!
He loves her. A lot!
Rock’n the team shirts!
CUTE!!!! Liz and Spence, thank you times a million trillion for being so amazing, genuine, sweet and fun! I had an amazing time with you guys and I hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them! So exciting for your wedding coming up in March!!!