Kalinda + Nate

Between a Beatles theme and the people involved, Kalinda and Nate’s wedding was an absolute blast! Their wedding took place at Club 1000, an event space located in the heart of Kansas City, where they had the ceremony and reception at the same venue.


Though Club 1000 is large with its many floors and event spaces, nothing could compare to Kalinda and Nate’s 17 person wedding party! Overall there was had many hands on deck to help the bride and groom get ready, however they choose. 🙂

When it came to flowers the only request we got from the bride is that she wanted to use her favorite, cymbidium orchids. For the overall design and concept we used colors found in cymbidiums (Lime green and fuchsia pink) and for an added texture we used small touches of black and white damask fabric that we incorporated throughout the reception.

Overall Kalinda and Nate wanted a contemporary wedding with touches of traditional elements. One of those elements was not seeing each other before the wedding. Chelsea from Chelsea Donoho Photography did an amazing job of catching different bridal party shots before the ceremony.  

To this day this photo is one of my favorites. Still can’t believe Chelsea was able to capture this without the couple seeing each other. Amazing job Chelsea!

All I can say about this one is that boys will be boys!

For the ceremony decor we wanted to keep it simple but still make a bold statement. we choose to use clear cylinder vases and fill them with monotone groupings of bells of ireland.  We also filled the room with numerous candles of all sizes to give the room an evening glow that coincided with the space’s lights.

Coming up next……the reception!