Kansas City Market’s Fall Offerings

 Amy and I popped down to the Kansas City Market this weekend to see what kind of locally grown flowers and other organic decor items we could get this time of year.  We have quite a few fall weddings that will be using pumpkins and seasonal fall flowers.  We often find that it is not only more environmentally conscious, but much more cost effective to buy local and seasonal. 

There were so many beautiful fruits, vegetables, and flowers to be seen at the market.  I just love the way all of the sights, smells, and sounds blend to create an unlikely harmony.  An Amish family selling their pies next to an Asian family selling their flowers.  The rows and rows of exotic spices and the sound of a fiddle player entertaining a small audience.  It is mornings like these that I feel lucky that there is still a place I can go and actually buy food, flowers, or whatever else directly from the hands of the people who grew it.   There were so many beautiful things, I just had to take some pictures to share with you all.

I absolutely love cooking with spices, so of course one of my favorite places to go is the spice area.  They have such a variety of common and exotic spices, and at wonderful prices!

Spices Galore 

Of course the thing we were most interested in was all the beautiful flowers.  Cockscomb is such a fun and strange flower with its furry, dense texture.  They get their name from their resemblance to the head of a rooster.  They were everywhere and they were huge!  You can see the purple variety in the picture below.  Sunflowers, Zinnias, and Dahlias of all shapes and sizes were also plentiful.


And of course it couldn’t be fall without Mums!  There were buckets and buckets of  Chrysanthamums everywhere.  I love the large headed Mums such as the ones pictured below.  They are beautiful and structured and make a great, inexpensive substitute to Dahlias.  The uneducated eye could hardly tell the difference.  The other thing that I love about Mums is their longevity.  They can last after being cut for up to three weeks if taken care of properly.  The bucket you see below was only $8.99!  There must have been at least 50 beautiful blooms.


And the biggest surprise of the day was finding Ranunculus available at this time of year!  We found a whole bucket of cut Ranunculus selling for $2 a stem. 

Cream Lovlies

And of course there were all kinds of pumpkins.  My favorite were the pumpkins that look as though a black star had been painted on them around the stem.  This is just how they naturally look!  There were also some of the largest and most charming pumpkins I have ever seen.  Pictures really don’t do these giants any justice.  You will just have to go and see for yourself!


 Star Pumpkins Charming Pumpkins

They also had some great prices on ornamental pumpkins and squash that would look lovely used in a place setting or centerpiece for a fall event.

 Little Lovlies

Finally, I just have to post some pictures of the strange and wonderful Asian fruits and vegetables that we stumbled across.  One of these days I will have to be brave and buy some and try to whip up a dish!

 Strange Fruit

More Strange Fruit

Don’t even ask me what their names are because I definitely couldn’t tell you! 

The Kansas City Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I would highly encourage anyone in the Kansas City area to head down to the Kansas City Market and pick up some fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, or spices.  It is usually less expensive than shopping at your supermarket and the money that you are spending stays in the area with those farming families.  The quality is often better, it is more environmentally conscious, and you get the wonderful experience of being down at Kansas City Market.  What is not to love!?