Pink Inspired Wedding

Congrats to both Katy and Jarrod who were incredibly easy to work with on their wedding back in May. The wedding took place in their home town of Marysville, a quaint city in North Eastern Kansas. Their inspiration for the wedding came from Katy’s favorite color, and from there we added touches of black for a lovely garden affair.

 Jarrod & Katy

We made monograms for the church as well as the reception venue with moss covered letters to add a touch of green and tied them with large black ribbon.

 Moss monogram

The bridal party was dressed in black and had pink garden rose and peony bouquets and boutonnieres to match the bride’s bouquet.

Heading to the reception.

Isn't he adorable!


For the reception décor Katy and Jarrod fell in love with the idea of using tissue paper pom poms as a quirky and budget friendly way to decorate the affair. We drew our main inspiration from Martha Stewartand hung the pom poms over the cake table in the center of the room to give the venue a main focal point. We also draped the ceiling with sections pink and white fabric.  We started by pinning the fabric from the corners and sides of the venue, and then gathered the large swaths to the center, directly over the cake table.  When paired with the hanging pom poms, it really created a strong focal point in such a cavernous room. We also hung strings of pom poms all along the walls and behind the head table to tie the theme together.

Cutting the cake!


Inspirational pom poms


Click here to see a DIY guide.  If you need a little help, you can buy these pom poms in precut kits.