Fall Inspired Rustic Floral

This last fall we put together a few colorful rustic fall inspired pieces for an intimate surprise birthday celebration. The only request that we were given was that the birthday girl’s favorite flowers were sunflowers and from there we were given the freedom to figure out the rest! For the smaller table centerpieces we used rustic wooden boxes and filled them with mini sunflowers, coxcomb, blue thistle, mums and safflower. For the large piece we added bupleurem, dried wheat and regular and chocolate-colored sunflowers to the mix. In lieu of a traditional vase for the large piece we used an outdoor planter/container….that way year after year she could re-use it to plant flowers, herbs, etc. and be reminded of her wonderful day that her loved ones surprised her with! Enjoy and excuse my horrible photography skills…you can only take such great a pictures on your phone 🙂