Wedding Hive Roaring 20’s Wedding Show!

Ok, so since we just got our blog up and running, we have a myriad of back blog posts to share with you all.  Back in June we had the pleasure to be a part of the Wedding Hive Wedding Show.  The Wedding Hive is a wonderfully talented and unique group of vendors.  In their own words: “What is Wedding Hive’s purpose? Well, in a nutshell, it’s to provide the contemporary minded Kansas City Metro couple a network of local, independent & fine art based wedding vendors. We’re here to help you represent yourself to the truest point on your wedding day. We’re here to help you not blend in with every other wedding you went to last year. We’re here to make your day look, taste, feel, hear and smell like your dream come true.”  The minute that we saw this statement, we knew that the Wedding Hive was our kind of group! 

Anywho, we had the opportunity to be part of their Roaring 20’s themed wedding show on June 11th.  The show was held at the stunning Terrace On Grand on the cusp of the crossroads, which I cannot wait to revisit for a June wedding we have booked there!  We had a large table which we were able to create a table setting that exemplifies what we do.  This is what we created. 

tablescape wide 

Closeup tablescapeOnce again you will have to forgive my amateur photography skills.  we really loved the way that we were able to incorporate the feathers into the table to give it the Roaring 20’s feel, but still maintain an aesthetic that would appeal to a wide variety of individuals.  Amy handmade the menu card design as well as the drink menu cards.  We found the peacock china at Anthropologie, which we frequent to have a look at their inspirational and ever-changing displays.  Amy also created a bouquet using hosta leaves, hydrangea, ivory roses, and lilies.  She used black ribbon, a feather hair piece and a vintage broach to wrap the bouquet.

  bouquet wide shot  Closeup bouquet

Janay-A created the garments and gowns for a 20’s style wedding gown fashion show.  Fortunately, the amazingly talented Melissa Lin Ellis was on hand to capture some of the beautiful looks.Janay Dress 2 Janay Dress 1Janay Dress 3

Blue Window Creative, an awe-inspiring photography and design group, were also on hand to capture all the designs together on the rooftop terrace.  How amazing is this picture!  Wedding Hive Show

We met such wonderful people, both fellow vendors and couples, through the Wedding Hive show.  I hope we are able to participate in another one of thier unique shows.  I encourage all of you to head over to the Wedding Hive website to have a look at all of the “out of the box” vendors that are part of the Hive.  The Wedding Hive group really embodies much of what we think makes Hitched Weddings + Events stand out from the crowd.  Although we believe in solid planning, and building a strong foundation for each event, we also believe that every wedding is as unique as each couple.  We are never afraid to try new things and push the envelope.  Challenging yourself is what really leads to the most beautiful and original work.  We never want to get comfortable in what we know.  We want to be perpetual students of the world, of other artistic minds, of each other!  Alright, well there is my idealistic ramble for the day…  back to business as usual.